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Teacher Appreciation

The school year is coming to a close and I really struggled with what to get my daughter’s teacher as a parting thank you gift. I finally decided that this something should be handmade. But what? So I did what anyone looking for inspiration does and searched Pinterest. Have I ever said how much of my life would be lost if Pinterest didn’t exist? I would probably be living a half life. Just wandering around aimlessly with no creative direction.

But I digress.

As I searched I came across these cute little things: And although I didn’t use the flower pattern she provides they still came out way cute! Here’s a finished one:

I still have to finish them all but you get the idea. 

I was stoked to have found such a neat idea! But . . . It didn’t seem like enough for a proper thank you gift. I mean, this amazing woman has my kid reading and adding (and doing all sorts of things I’ve tried to teach her but could never get her to do) and actually wanting to learn. Liking it. So I believe she deserves a bit more than just a few paper clip bookmarks. Am I right?

Then, with only days left, I went back to my old ways and made a cup cozy. They’re useful right? Coffee and teachers go hand-in-hand right?? Like moms and wine! Or is that just me? 

Anyway, I found inspiration from here and here and this is what came from it!

I have found that I tend to knit tightly so I had to modify it a bit to be able to fit the cup but I think it came out pretty cute! 

If I had thought about it sooner I would have made other things. Like this market tote! It says it only takes 2 hours . . . But not for this girl! I’m the self proclaimed slowest knitter in the world. 

I would have also liked to make this. I mean, how cute is that?? And so simple! A pencil case for a teacher is almost a no-brainer. Just like these! Who wouldn’t want a jar full of flower topped pencils? 

But now I have no more time (or energy) to spend making things. But I am eternally grateful to her for teaching my child not only things academic but also worldly and social. My daughter has a love of learning because of her. These gifts hopefully convey these feelings! 

Go out and thank a teacher! 


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